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The Amazon – The planet’s source of life and energy. It is here, where the four essential elements of nature meet in perfect harmony!

  • Water


  • Earth


  • Air


  • Sun


  • Native inhabitants of the Amazon forest discovered early on how powerful the combination of these Elements with the unique benefits of local extracts and fruits can be.

    Inspired by this ancient knowledge and after many years of studying local biodiversity, Amazon Active proudly brings to you all the energy and vitality of Nature’s most valuable secrets.

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    Each of the 4 Elements is exclusively formulated making use of rich active ingredients of the Amazon rainforest.

    Let the balance and harmony of nature enhance your Health, Beauty and Positive Energy.

Think positively
Nature inspires
Valuing and respecting people and the environment
Balance between Body & Mind and between Man & Nature

Enhance Health, Beauty and Positive Energy


Part of the income is earmarked for socio-environmental Amazon rainforest conservation programs to:

  • Empowerment

    Empower local population
  • Respect

    Create respect for regional ethnic diversity
  • Protection

    Protect virgin areas of the Amazon forest where indigenous tribes live
  • Sustainability

    Promote sustainable use of natural resources

Discover this unique experience!

Amazon Active, The Secret of Nature.

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